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Shelf Order and the Dewey Decimal Classification System

Daily Task List


Finish all group responsibilities before working on individual responsibilities.

I. Group responsibilities:

1. Push in all library chairs at tables and computers.

2. Pick up and throw away trash.

3. Put away books left on tables and put personal items left behind in lost & found.

4. Straighten the magazine rack.

5. Straighten the computer area.


II. Individual responsibilities (begin AFTER group responsibilities finished):


Maintain your rows.

Every day:

1.       Shelve all books belonging to your section

2.       Check the book order of all your assigned shelves.

3.       If you find books out of order fix them.

 Once per week:

Dust your shelves.

Water the plants.

III. Duration of period

A.   You may be assigned to:

1.       work at the circulation desk.

2.       work on a project which benefits the library.

B    Responsibilities at the circulation desk

1.       Check in, check out, and renew book.

2.       Collect student passes.

3.       Help library users with locating books in the library.

C.     If your work is completed ask for permission to:

1.       work on class work for another class, or

2.       read a book.

Mr. Hall's Global Issues Research Paper

Find everything you need to research this paper here:

Library TA Dos and Dont's


As a TA …



You may check out library materials to students and staff, and core literature novels to classes of students.


Do not check out books to students who have overdue fines or fees. 

You only check out materials to students with their ISA ID card.


You may alert library staff if a student does not have an ID card.

You do not check out textbooks on your own.


You may check out textbooks under the supervision of library staff.

You may tell students how much they owe in fines.


Only library staff may collect fines or do anything on a student’s financial account.


You notice when students arrive, and when they are without a class you ask for written passes.

Only library staff may sign a student’s pass when they are leaving.

You may read or work on schoolwork when not busy with another task.


Do not socialize, play games on the computer, or use your phone.


You must follow all library policies and procedures.

There are no exceptions.